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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Tampines-Changkat goes to Bangkok! (12 May - 16 May 2016)

Tampines-Changkat TMC is a club where members are viewed upon as family. Each year, in efforts to strengthen the bond between members, apart from the usual chapter meetings as well as family outings, a club retreat is also planned to bring members beyond the shores of Singapore!

In order to make the retreat more meaningful, it is usually planned in conjunction with a toastmasters event overseas. Last year, our family headed over to Palawan, Philippines, where they attended the annual conference of Philippines while enjoying the beautiful beaches and babes.

This year, we headed off to bustling Bangkok, the land of a thousand smiles! And a thousand smiles did we receive! Not only did we attend the spectacular annual conference of District 97P which consisted of 5 countries (Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam), but also attended the chapter meetings of one of Bangkok’s more vibrant clubs; Siam Toastmasters club!

It was indeed a wonderful time of bonding, learning as well as exploring in the city of Bangkok.

Be sure to check out our video as well! 

Three cheers for Siam Toastmasters club who were so warm and welcoming to us!

Opening ceremony of the Annual Conference in Bangkok "Excel through GREATNESS."

Amazing Conference!

Games at the Gala dinner.

Having fun at the Gala dinner!

And of course, bonding time! 

Karaoke ~

In TCTMC, we also teach you how to levitate. 

Till next year! <3

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Christmas Celebrations: 17th December, 2015!

Since the last two posts have been dedicated to the past, I thought of continuing the strain with a post about the Christmas Celebrations last year. Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Club decided to celebrate Christmas on 17th December, 2015! It was a fun time with games, food, drinks and gratitude cards. However, let us go step by step.

The party was organized at Toastmaster Magdalene Thia's condominium at Astoria Park. The club thanks Toastmaster Thia for her contribution. The place was beautiful with a fabulous room, poolside food arrangements and a tennis court. Toastmasters John, Tiffany, Vincent and Arjun took advantage of the court and started an impromtu game of tennis. Soon after, people started arriving and the party started.

The first agenda of the evening was games. Game masters were Toastmatsers Zhuo Shuzhen and Tia Maria. They organized two very interactive games. The first involved teams on the opposite sides of the curtain having to guess the closest member at the other end the moment the curtain drops. This was made especially interesting with team members attempting carious tricks to mae themselves unrecognizable.

The first game was followed by a fantastic dinner comprised of Chinese as well as Indian dishes. This was followed by a second round of games where several conditions such as "Favourite colour is blue" or"read twelve books this year" were laid out in rows and columns and members had to find others with these traits and fill up the rows and columns. It was again a very interactive game that helped members know each other better.
The second round of games was followed by drinks and a session of members writing gratitude cards for each other. This was extremely nice because everyone was made to feel special by others. The gratitude session was followed by musical chair and other similar games which enabled other members to make one member perform tasks. Toastmaster Michael Wee was asked to propose marriage to Toastmaster Cheng Lee as part of a task: AND SHE REFUSED!

The final session involved Club president Toastmaster Gladys serving a cake that she had baked herself. Vice-President, Public Relations, Toastmaster Arjun Chakrabarti, when interviewed, went on to say, "This is the best blueberry cheesecake I have tasted in Singapore. No, scratch that, it is not the best in Singapore, but the best EVER!"

The evening was full of fun, frolic and a lot of alcohol. Yes, we know how to let our hair down but that never stops us from continuing the endeavour towards becoming better speakers and better leaders! Keep watching this space for more news, views and stories about the most exciting Toastmasters club in Singapore.