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Thursday, 17 April 2014

473rd Meeting Recap, or The King, The Exco Member and The Military Commander

Best Prepared Speech: Christina Ho
Best Evaluator: Shaun Li, ACS, ALB
Best Table Topic: Gladys Tye, CC
Word of the Evening: ENERVATE

Club President, Gurmit Singh, CC, kicked the meeting off with a story about a man who took the place of a diety in a temple, for one day. And he had to follow only one simple rule: He mustn't say anything when he takes the place. After watching a sailor get blamed for stealing a wallet which someone else took, the man couldn't keep quiet any more, and spoke up that he saw it was someone else who stole it. When the deity returned and asked the man if anything interesting happened, the man said he just saved a sailor from being thrown in jail unnecessarily. However, the deity told the man that he had just killed the sailor; the sailor's ship was supposed to be sunk, and the sailor was to be exempt from boarding the ship, when he was supposed to be in jail. What's the moral(s) of the story? Deities have grand plans, some of which we don't yet understand. Do what deities tell you to. And stop taking the place of deities! Do the work you're paid to, and enjoy your days off!!

The first Prepared Speech (CC Project 3: Get to the Point, entitled “Greeeeen”) by Toastmaster Chan Chee Wai, was about taking care of the environment. He summed it up with 5 Rs: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Renew, and Respect. Chee Wai mentioned some ideas for protecting our environment: Car-pooling, Energy Star Rating and donating old clothes. I really like the ecological message of his speech and the specific steps that we can take to take better care of our environment. Also his detailed description of the man who comes by to collect recyclable materials: “Kring, kring!”

The second Prepared Speech (“Be There”, CC Project 5: Your Body Speaks) by Toastmaster John Lee was about a King who sought wisdom by finding the answers to 3 questions:
a) When is the best time to be doing something?
b) Who should I be doing it with?
c) What's the most important thing I should be doing, right now?
John gave an example from his own childhood: about being in the 'flow' of playing. Turns out The King in the story found out the answers to his questions by helping his enemy.

The third Prepared Speech by Andrew Chen, ATMB, ALS, was a rallying call to serve in next term's Exco (Advanced Project 5 from the Persuasive Speaking Manual, entitled “We Need You”) Andrew started by sharing with us his vision for our club: “To be an elite Toastmasters Club”. Then he spoke about how he went (Toastmasters) club visiting with his mentor, Michael Wee, DTM, who helped him a lot with his personal growth. Andrew also mentioned Nathaniel Koh, DTM, who was club President and Division Governor in 2006.

The next Prepared Speech was by Toastmaster Christina Ho, entitled “Everyone Has a Story” (CC Project 5: Your Body Speaks). Christina told the story of someone who just had an eye operation and was seeing the world for the first time- very odd behaviour. If we really understood where they were coming from, though, it makes sense. She also told of how her Dad seemed enervated and not interested in her basketball win and amazing speech achievement. However it turned out that he had a health problem and was losing weight because of it. Christina understood, though, and when she hugged her Dad, there was a clear message of love between them.

The fifth speaker, Toastmaster Joe Wan, talked about “Leadership in Adversity” (CC Manual Project 6: Vocal Variety). Joe recounted Cao Cao's speech from the “Romance of Three Kingdoms”, right after their defeat at the battle at the Red Cliff. His 830,000 troops were defeated by an army of 60,000 men. “A military commander is like a physician; when more people die from the failed treatments, the physician's skills become better and better” and “Failure teaches us how to succeed” were some memorable quotes from Joe's speech.

Till next meeting, be awesome!

Carl Wong HL

(Vice President of Public Relations)

Best Table Topic: Gladys Tye, CC

Best Prepared Speech: Toastmaster Christina Ho

Best Evaluator: Shaun Li, ACS, ALB

472nd Meeting

Best Prepared Speech: Lau Kheng Soon
Best Evaluator: Chong Cheng Lee, DTM
Best Table Topic: Shaun (Queenstown TMC)
Word of the Evening: VIVID

Best Prepared Speech: Lau Kheng Soon

Best Evaluator: Chong Cheng Lee, DTM

Best Table Topic: Shaun from Queenstown TMC

Friday, 21 March 2014

International Speech and Table Topics Contest: 6th March 2014

International Speech Contest
Champion: Ng Kin Foong, CC
1st Runner-up: Shaun Li, ACS, ALB
2nd Runner-up: Coen Tan, ACS, ALB

Table Topics Contest
Champion: Coen Tan, ACS, ALB
1st Runner-up: Lee Jin Hwui, DTM
2nd Runner-up: Ng Kin Foong, CC

Opening Address by Organizing Chair: June Tan, CC

Tan Mingjian, CC, about to take his turn to speak

Kin Foong demonstrating how Fuzzy would react if tickled on the tummy
Kin: Wagging tail

Coen's Golden Smile
Shaun's trademark opening move
Shaun: "WOOHOO!!"

Chief Judge: Zaid Mohd Yasin, ACS, ALS

Up for grabs, the Immunity Idol and 3 trophies per contest

Contest Chair: Aaron Ong from DSTA TMC

Timer 2: Herman Susantio from Buddhist Fellowship TMC

Certificate of Participation: Lee Jin Hwui, DTM

Certificate of Participation: Christina Ho

Certificate of Participation: Carl Wong, CC

Certificate of Participation: Ng Kin Foong, CC

Certificate of Participation: Shaun Li, ACS, ALB

Timer 1: Nui Thantong Bang-on, CC

SAA 1: Deb Pal from Barclays TMC

Certificate of Participation: Ng Luan Eng, CC

International Speech Champions are required to salute the Club President this way

Certificate of Participation: Coen Tan,, ACS, ALB

SAA 2: Thuy Anh from Vietnam TMC

Certificate of Participation: Tan Mingjian, CC