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Thursday, 26 November 2015


Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Club knows how to have fun! Does this statement seem familiar? Of course it does. It is because we proudly repeat it every time we live up to the statement. This Halloween meeting, we decided to party hard, scare everyone and do what we do best: SPEAK, LISTEN and LEAD!

The Thursday meeting in October that was dedicated to Halloween had a lot of special events. Apart from marvelous speeches by toastmasters such as Siju, Naveena and Priya among others, we got to see beautiful women and handsome men turn dreadfully scary, or in the case of Toastmaster Jaric, clearly more attractive. In addition, we had an interesting game segment as well as the Birthday celebration.


What started out as an evening with great food and continued into a speech-filled revelry and culminated into a photo-session. Enjoy our photos, dear reader and relive the moments in case you were fortunate to attend. Otherwise, just enjoy and remember to attend our next meeting!

Toastmasters is a club where we bond, have fun and learn. Themed meetings like Halloween help us understand the reason behind the celebration and the philosophy behind the make-up. In our pursuit of having fun, we leave as more knowledgeable people and more tolerant human beings. In spite of the terror being spread all across the world, this night, meant to make us look frightening, what with all the make-up, helped us become that much more tolerant towards others by exposing us people who come from different nations, worship different Gods and eat different food. While we present speeches at toastmasters, we make sure never to hurt the sentiments of other people. The speaker is an entertainer and the prime responsibility of the entertainer is never to hurt the audience. Oratory is power and with great power comes great responsibility!


Monday, 21 September 2015

Celebrating OUR CLUB 20th Anniversary

Celebrating OUR CLUB 20th Anniversary

We are a group of people committed to self-development and personal growth. And we understand that the best way to grow is to grow together as a community!

We are an inter-generational family with members spanning a wide spectrum of ages, experiences and cultures. Whether you are a student, teacher, professional, retiree, employee, employer, you are most welcomed to join us at our chapter meetings :)

 At our club meetings, we'd always look forward to evenings of intellectual stimulation from our members and invited speakers. Here we learn a lot from one another. Not just on the techniques to speak, which is why we're all here in Toastmasters, but more so learning about life and one another's unique experiences so that we'd all become wiser as we all progress in our own lives.

Finally, embarking on the Toastmasters journey is a personal one. It is how much you learn, how much you put to use, how much you practise and how much you contribute back that matters. Because there is no such thing as people laughing at you if you make any mistakes. But rather, we'd all laugh together with you. In doing so together, we'd all make our journey in public speaking a more comfortable, fruitful and satisfying one.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Executive Committee 2015/2016

Executive Committee 2015/2016

Club President
Gladys Tye, CC, CL
Mobile: 9221 4866
Email: gladystye89@gmail.com

Vice-President Education
Joe Wan, CC
Mobile: 9637 2089
Email: joewanorg@gmail.com

Vice-President Membership I
Jaric Ng
Mobile: 9127 8759
Email: ngjaric@gmail.com

Vice-President Membership II
Zhuo Shuzhen, ACS, ALS
Mobile: 9337 8948
Email: zhuo_shuzhen@aia.com.sg

Vice-President Public Relations I
Arjun Chakrabarti, CC
Mobile: 9015 6930
Email: arjun358@gmail.com

Vice-President Public Relations II
Lau Kheng Soon
Mobile: 9272 6228
Email: laukhengsoon@gmail.com

Vincent Chen, CC
Mobile: 9780 9913
Email: vincento10sg@gmail.com

Law Jia Hong, ACS
Mobile: 9237 7593
Email: law.jia.hong@gmail.com

See Shunwei, CC
Mobile: 9139 8720
Email: swsee83@gmail.com

Immediate Past President
Ng Kin Foong, ACB, ALB
Mobile: 9626 6028
Email: kinfoong.ng@gmail.com

Co-opted Member
Andrew Chen, ATMB, ALS
Mobile: 9100 9038
Email: standrewsg@yahoo.com.sg

Friday, 11 September 2015

Speechcraft 2015

Public Speaking is an art. Like all other art forms, it needs to be developed. We all look at rock musicians belting out fret-board burning guitar solos and we say that they were born with it but seldom do we notice the hours, months and years they spend practicing guitar sitting alone in their rooms. In a similar manner, we look at good speakers delivering awe-inspiring, mesmerizing and enthralling speeches but we hardly appreciate the hours that they put in practicing in front of mirrors, friends, family and interested parties to reach their level of comfort on stage.

Dear readers, let me tell you the story of one such public-speaker, Mr. Ng Kin Foong. He was an ordinary man like most of us who spent a lot of time at home playing video games, listening to his dad and talking to his dog. However, being the innovative person that he is, he also wanted to do things the other way round, that is, advise his father and listen to his dog. What I mean by this is that he wanted to break the monotony and do something of his own. One day he attended a training that helped him get rid of his baggage and instead of crawling on the road of life, he was finally able to fly.

Ng Kin Foong has been flying since that day. He has attended several trainings by gurus all over the world, spend tens of thousands of dollars and had several hundred hours in training ordinary people to become extra-ordinary.Today he runs a few companies. One of those, Radiant Owl Consultancy and Services, was founded by him to help individuals like you and me build confidence, discover our inner talents and shine in life. 

Today you have an opportunity. You can learn from Mr. Ng Kin Foong about the arts, means, methods and tricks of public speaking. The Lead Trainer of Radiant Owl Consultancy and Services has decided to accept the role of Lead Trainer in Speechcraft, 2015. This is a yearly workshop organised by Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Club to help the general public as well as toastmasters to learn and improve the art of public speaking. In addition, participants can finish three of their speech projects during the four days of workshop which will be held over four Fridays in October, 2015.

Helping Kin Foong in his training will be toastmasters Carl Wong, Zhuo Shuzen, Vidhi Sarkar, Kapil Pareekh and Arjun Chakrabarti, who are famous in their own rights with several accolades of medals in the club, area, division and district levels.

Ladies and gentlemen, do not miss a chance to be trained by these brilliant orators in Speechcraft, 2015. In order to register, kindly contact the organising chairs Linda Huang and Vincent Chen, whose numbers are mentioned in the poster.

Keep watching this space for more exciting updates on the activities of Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Club!

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Club 507th Chapter Meeting and Chilli Crab Night

Greetings dear readers!

Let me tell you about an amazing chapter meeting that we witnessed this week. It was the 507th chapter meeting of our club. The evening was exciting and the mood was happy because not only were we in for a beautiful meeting, we were also going to go for the fantastic Chilli Crab session organized by our four newest Competent Communicators.

Without further ado, let me jump directly into the proceedings of the meeting:

There were four amazing speakers: 1) Mohanpriya - She delivered her Ice-Breaker Speech
                                                         2) Naveena Methani - She delivered her P2 Project Speech   
                                                         3) Joe Wan  - He delivered his AP1 Project Speech
                                                         4) Magdalene Thia - She delivered her AP3 Project Speech

The evaluators for the evening were: 1) Andrew Chen - He evaluated Mohanpriya's Speech
                                                            2) Arjun Chakrabarti - He evaluated Naveena's Speech
                                                            3) Jennifer Chua - She was a guest from Whampoa                    
                                                                Toastmasters Club and she valuated Joe Wan's Speech.
                                                            4) Shaun Li - He evaluated Magdalene's Speech

The Table-Topics segment was hosted by Vincent Chen and it was innovative, comprising a mix of topics which were to be supported with props randomly pulled out from a goody bag that Vincent had arranged.

The meeting was also accompanied by Birthday Celebrations of the September babies that was organized byJaric Ng and Zhuo Shuzen, the power duo who are our Vice-Presidents, Membership!

The other special feature of the club was the recognition of our Most Improved Toastmaster. The MITA award was delivered by Ng Kin Foong to our very own Joe Wan, who gave an Oscar-style victory speech thanking his mom and dad in toastmasters, who are Coen Tan and Shaun Li respectively.

It is time now, ladies and gentlemen, to announce the people who earned their ribbons. We are all winners in toastmasters but the best efforts are recognized with the help of ribbons provided by our Club President Gladys Tye. The ribbon achievers that night were:

1) Ice-Breaker Speech - Mohanpriya
2) Best Speaker - Magdalene Thia
3) Best Evaluator - Jennifer Chua
4) Best Table Topics Speaker - Vidhi Sarkar

It was full on girl powere, ladies and gentlemen!

The celebrations were followed by a fantastic chilli crab session organized by Vincent Chen, Arjun Chakrabarti, Junic Kee and Chee Wai Chan. People had great fun with Chilli Crabs, Salted Egg Prawns, Shrimp Balls, Fried Rice and Beer!

It was an excellent chapter meeting and we are excited about the next ones to come.

Keep reading this space for information on our upcoming Speechcraft Workshops!


Monday, 17 August 2015

Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Videos

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time to show you how much fun we have been having at Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Club. Our Vice President Public Relations, Mr. Lau Kheng Soon has compiled a few videos to capture some of the most beautiful moments of our club during the different meetings and fun events that were organized. Please follow the links below for an youtube preview:

Installation : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OR3ZBUNJcvk

Most fun Toasmasters video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZP3M-821rwA

Tampines Changkat in Palawan : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXSrfNf8OCY

Halloween Chapter meeting : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wEj-bXAuvU

Keep watching this space for more updates on Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Club!

Friday, 14 August 2015

Day Trip to Johor Bahru

Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Club is a dynamic and fun-loving group. Not only do we build tempo on stage and expose the audience to a roller coaster of emotions with our oratory but we also know how to let off steam when required and have tons of fun. We decided to hold one such fun filled event on 1st August, 2015 when our members went on a day-trip to Johor Bahru to shop, eat, get massages, relax and do whatever else the heart desired!

The members who decided to go were veteran power couple of our club Michael Wee and Chong Cheng Lee as well as our non-veteran yet equally dynamic members Coen Tan, Tia Maria, Ng Kin Foong, Zhuo Shuzhen, June Tan and last but not the least, Club President Gladys Tye.


The members met in the morning and drove down to Johor Bahru with a mood to have a blast. Ladies and gentlemen, I assure you that they achieved that very purpose with tons of shopping followed by relaxing massages to take care of their tired hands carrying all the shopping bags. The massages caused them to lose some energy which they regained by having a tasty – and not so healthy – and sumptuous lunch.

The toastmasters also decided to chart out their favourite food of the day (and they had a lot of food). The ones that in their opinions turned out to be the best were:

  • Hokkien Mee (Miachel, Tia, Shuzhen)
  • Salted Egg Prawn (Gladys, Shuzhen, Cheng Lee)
  • Old Cucumber Soup (Kin Foong)
  • Curry Fish Head (Cheng Lee)
  • Sam Sui Chicken (Coen)

The lunch session was perhaps summed up by Michael Wee with his favourite line from the Chinese classic “The Water Margin”:


“Give me pork, and make sure there’s a lot of fat in it!”


Oh and did we forget the durians???


It was a great day to de-stress and relax. We certainly hope that the Executive Committee will organize many more outings in future.

You can partially live out their experience through the photos but in my opinion, to truly live out the experience, do join us next time we go out again.