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Friday, 26 August 2016

Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest 2016

It was a belly-aching night as Tampines-Changkat Toastmasters Club held its Humorous Speech and Evaluation contest just last Thursday night.


No doubt was the night packed with laughter as everyone couldn’t stop giggling from all the amazing humorous speeches which left us all a step closer to our 6 pecs body. The Evaluation Contest was also filled with solid evaluations as they satay-ed the test speaker (gently) one by one.

Thank you to all who came down to support us that night! We hope we kept you entertained!

Before we begin, we would, as always, love to thank all our appointment holders who are as follows:

Organizing Chair: You Xiao
Co-organizing Chair: Tia Maria
Contest Chair: Mohanapriya D
Chief judge: Shaun Aw
Timers: Linda Lee and Joshua Tan
Tally Counters: Ng Cher Khim, Jyoti Soni and Naveena Methani
SAA: Muralidhar R and Andrew Chen
Photographer: Lau Kheng Soon
Food Committee: Gladys Tye

Without them, our contest wouldn’t have been made possible.

And now, on to the contest!

What is humor? 

As much as we love to know the secret techniques in creating humor; there isn’t. 

Humor isn’t science; but an art. Ok, I made this up myself. 

But to please some of you hungry scientists out there; here are some examples of what humor COULD look like. 

Humor could be honest. Toastmaster Ashish gave us a very sincere and authentic story of his life and about how he ended up in Singapore, not to fix computers, but as a Biomedical Engineer. He also shared some tips on how you can whitewash your way to the top. And it only works if you’re charming.

Humor could be erotic. Toastmaster Yee Yuen painted almost-erotic-yet-innocent pictures to showcase his past stories. Moaning and groaning together in the library? Oh, they were just moaning over all their upcoming examinations and assignment deadline. His twists and turns got all of us in a daze. If your relationship doesn’t work out. Let go; and create your next almost-erotic-yet-innocent relationship. 

Humor could be trendy. Toastmaster Abigail shared her experience on being single and meeting single-minded guys on dating apps 'catching em all’. She certainly does not want to catch them all. Most of them were too focused catching Pokemons. She’s probably looking for fit guys in real gym. Joseph Schooling, perhaps. 

Humor could be caring. Toastmaster Joe Wan was filming an action movie. He was starved. You see, how could the main cast in an action movie stayed inaction? Sometimes, in life and in love; an extra question like “Honey, do you want me to throw the rubbish for you?” could grant you some serious actions at night. Yes, even if it is dark out there. Yes, even if there’s no moon. And yes, even if you can’t see a glimpse of hope in your failing relationship. This extra question certainly will reward you some honey, with your honey, without the moon. And of course, without honeymoon trip expenses. 

Humor could be vulnerable. Toastmaster Hyder, also known as, Micheal Junior, “Tao-Gay” or Beansprout. Call him whatever you like. His blazer was bought to stuff your mouth. He shared his transformation journey from bones to blazer and from small to big minded. Looking weak certainly creates some humor. But being vulnerable transform humor to respect. I don’t know. Maybe you can actually change the world by bullying people. Many victims who survived emotionally actually changed the world — not by doing what I just suggested you to do, of course. (PG Alert).

Humor could be shamelessly embarrassing. Artistic Toastmaster Kapil shared his secrets in making fabulous art, aka, Fart. He inspired all of us to be the F-artist of this generation. He meticulously articulate how it is like when inspiration is coming your way, towards your gateway, wanting to be free, to be applaud by your audience. FabulousArt restore humanity. It encourages people to credit one another. It shows us what equality really is. Each of us, F-artist, have the power to move our mankind forward. Now, let your inspiration change the world. 

Humor could also be perfection. Toastmaster Shaun showed us the importance of “How you say it” and being a proud BS employee, he sure knows what he is talking about. He gave us invaluable tips backed up with personal stories on why and how we should say certain things to avoid miscommunication and misconception.

After the short break, our test speaker came up to give us some tips on how to craft a humorous speech. How ironic is that! Maybe it was all part and parcel of his humor.

As the evaluators came in one by one to satay, barbeque and “goreng” our test speaker, all of us also learned a great deal on how we can better our future speeches.

The list of our splendid evaluators are as follows:
Joe Wan
Nathaniel Koh
Shaun Li
Hyder Taufik
Ho Yee Yuen

And finally, here we have….. our winners!

Humorous Speech 2nd Runner up - Abigail Lee

Humorous Speech 1st Runner up - Hyder Taufik

Humorous Speech Champion - Kapil Pareek

Evaluation Contest 2nd Runner up - Joe Wan

Evaluation Contest 1st Runner up - Nathaniel Koh

Evaluation Contest Champion - Shaun Li

And to everyone who participated, a round of applause for all your efforts and courage!

Also, we had our inaugural ribbons: Most Enthusiastic Member!

Our ribbons for this month went to 2 of our younger members of our club, who although has only been with our family for a short few months, yet have put in tremendous amount of work and has shown much initiative and enthusiasm in their Toastmasters journey thus far! 

Ho Yee Yuen

You Xiao

Let's all continue to strive for excellence here at Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Club!

It was indeed a great night for everyone!

Written by Mu Ming and Abigail Lee

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

531st Chapter Meeting

National Day is just around the corner! And what better way to liven up our chapter meeting than to come all decked out in our national colours! We love you Singapore!

Thanks to our lovely ladies, Vidhi and Naveena who tirelessly came early to help our SAA for the evening, Tia, the room set up and decorate in line with our theme for the evening! We appreciate your hard work ladies! #girlpower

After having a share of the sumptuous dinner that Her Majesty, Cheng Lee, had to kindly volunteered to prepare for us, everyone’s tummy was satisfied and all were ready to start the meeting.
With the bang of the gavel, our meeting was called to order by our lovely SAA Tia. 

We had many guests that night, both fellow toastmasters and visitors, who stood up to give a brief introduction about themselves.

Next, the stage was passed on to our Toastmaster of the evening, passionate Priya, who introduced each of the appointment roles and holders as well as enlightened us on the importance of each of these roles. 

The appointment holders for the evening are as shown below:
Sergeant-At-Arms: Tia Maria
Toastmaster of the Evening: Mohanapriya
Listening Master: Chong Cheng Lee
Ah Counter: B.R. Muralidhar
Timer: Ryan Loanda
Table Topics Master: Tan Mei Yee

We even had a brand new appointment role called the “Listening Master” whose job was to listen very intently to everyone who will be speaking during the meeting and would later on, come up to give us a little quiz to see if we were all paying attention. A listening comprehension of sorts.

Our beloved president, Joe Wan, then came up to give his opening address. He touched on National Day and left us with a quote by our late Minister mentor, Lee Kuan Yew, which goes

Next up on stage was our capable Vice President Membership (VPM) Naveena, who shared some of the initiatives of the VPM team are planning to engage in in the coming year during "The Exco Speaks" segment in efforts to keep our Tampines-Changkat family growing and yet well bonded. 

Apart from just leading and speaking, as toastmasters, we must learn to listen as well. Thus a “Voice Box” was created to allow members to voice out their concerns or ideas to the VPM team with regards to club activities and issues.

(More information on what was being shared will be up soon! So keep a lookout for it!)

We then moved into the exciting segment of prepared speeches. What an array of wonderful speakers and speeches we had last night!

Angela shared with us some of the good, the bad and the ugly ways of being a cheapskate.

You Xiao reminded us about our New Year Resolutions and how we can attain and fulfil our by planning the S.M.A.R.T. way.

Soon Tong let us in on some of his bedroom secrets and boy was it interesting!

Vincent entertained up with his inspirational yet informative and slightly humorous speech on how to keep up with our New Year Resolutions.

Next came the birthday celebrations for our August babies! We all love cake and presents! Thank you VPM team!

After our short break for refreshments and mingling, we jumped straight into our next exciting segment which were the Prepared Speeches Evaluations. Many valuable insights and learning points were gleaned from this purposeful segment. As they say, the wise man learns from the mistakes of others. And at Tampines-Changkat, we’re all here to learn and grow.

Our evaluators for the night were Yee Yuen, Choon Kiat, Matthew and Junic who evaluated the prepared speeches in the respective orders.

Moving on, Table Topics! Everyone’s favorite segment! Our lovely Table Topics Master, Mei Yee, prepared such an array of interesting items that we could talk about, all of which were “Singapore-themed”, in lieu of National Day. She managed to add a little twist to our usual Table Topics segment and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.

And at last, our Listening Master, Her Majesty, came up to give us a little listening comprehension. It was so much fun and really well received by everyone albeit it being a brand new appointment role and segment for the night! 

Hands shot up as members fought their way to answer the questions put up by Cheng Lee. Flying toblerones were seen and much laughter was heard. It was a truly amazing segment.

Finally, Murali enlightened us with his ah count of everyone’s erms, ahs, and ums for the night.
It was an absolutely fantastic and sparkling evening of learning, sharing and growing with family and friends!
And to end it all off, the awards ceremony! 

Congratulations to Vincent for Best Prepared Speech, Yee Yuen for Best Evaluator and to Kelvin for Best Table Topics!

 Some of our dear guests also gave us very positive feedback on their experience:

"It was really warm and welcoming. I felt really at home and comfortable as everyone was very friendly and the whole meeting wasn’t overly serious."
- Priscilla- 

"The chapter meeting was super fun and full of activities. I learn a lot. Highly recommend any of my friends to visit Tampines Changkat TMC."
Long, Cheng San TMC -