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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Special Christmas Themed meeting!

Want to celebrate Christmas, learn nice tips and have fun, ALL at the same time? You know where to go!

This Thursday, Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Club will have a Special Christmas Themed meeting!

It's going to be a night full of spectacular speeches, great games and cosy camaraderie. Who said we can't have a wintery celebration of Christmas in scorching Singapore?

What are you waiting for? JOIN US this Thursday!

For more information, contact our Vice-President of Public Relations Christina Ho at christina.ho.liying@gmail.com, or visit our Facebook Page!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

December Meeting!

We had our December speech marathon at Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Club, and boy was it a fantastic line-up of speeches! 

Arjun - P1 the Ice Breaker
Hailing from Calcutta, Arjun painted his inspirations and aspirations in his amazing speech full of quotes. 

"Ships are safe at its harbour, but that's not what they are built for"
"This is your life, make it last"

Arjun also won the Best Prepared Speech, congratulations!

Muhammad Fadli - P1 Ice Breaker

Can you believe that a national fighter is actually trembling now?

Opening his speech with this hook, Muhammad inspired with us his dream, the importance of dreaming, past present and future. He overcome many odds, to arrive at where he is today. Through his speech, I really got how dreams are not just facets of your past aspirations, but they could be transformed into reality.

"Believe in yourself. Do it. And Dream"

Shakilah - P1 Ice Breaker
A 1st generation Singaporean, Shakilah painted her life story in her ice breaker, an amazing feat! We learnt about how despite the fact that her childhood was quiet, she was not lonely. Such an important distinction to make!

Having had a plan most of her life, NOW, she wants to explore opportunities where she can get be spontaneous, adventurous and vibrant!

Magdalene Thia
Magdalene's personal, emotional story gripped the audience. The story about her father related how miracles, prayers and faith can transcend our reality.

Tia Maria
Happy Birthday to Me, Happy birthday to me! 
Sing this everyday! How? In her Informative Speech, Tia shared with us how we should be more thorough when we wash our hands. How do we make the process more interesting? Sing the Happy Birthday song!

Interesting isn't it?

June Tan - The Digital Pen and Paper
With her warmth and engaging persona, June shared with us the wonders of a digital pen.

Instant recording of your written work, no training, no more paperwork -- what are we waiting for? The Anoto Digital Pen is here to the rescue!

Best Evaluator - Nathaniel 
His evaluation was insightful and thought-provoking.

Induction of new members. Welcome welcome!

It was an amazing and fun-filled session as always! 

As one of the top and popular Toastmasters Club in Singapore, Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Club is proud to be able to provide a warm conducive environment for our members to flourish and grow!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Club 486th Chapter Meeting on 30 Oct 14

Dear Members,

Aren't you excited about tomorrow's Halloween Spooktacular meeting? 

Thanks to our president, Kin Foong, who just managed to cling an awesome deal for make up services so all of us could join in the fun and have a spookily memorable chapter meeting.  

Do dress up and be here earlier to do the make up. 

There will be a prizes for best dressed male and female. 
In the meeting,
We have a line up of four prepared speeches.Two of our speakers, John and Shun Wei, will be attempting their project 10 and aim to inspire the living and the 'dead'. Failure to do so will have spooky consequences. Do come and show your love and support. 

Why you should be there?
1) Mystery Game Segment 
2) Spookily fun table topics
3) Prizes to be won (Perhaps a kiss from our president Dracula Kin)

What you need to do? 
1) Reserve 30th Oct night for our chapter meeting
2) Come dress in a scary outfit 
    Prizes to be won for best dressed male and female!
3) Let your hair down (literally) 

Scare or be scare. 

Yours spookily,
Gladys Tye 
Vice-President of Education