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Sunday, 24 April 2016

AIA and Tampines Changkat Joint Chapter Meeting Edition I: 14th April, 2016

Innovation and improvement are the two keys to being the best. In order to constantly improve, we sometimes need to take a step back and see how others are playing the game. This is the reason that the best universities in the world have exchange programs so that students and teachers can learn from other universities. It was with a similar idea that two of the best toastmasters clubs in Singapore, Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Club and AIA Toastmasters Club, decided to conduct a joint meeting so that both clubs could see the others in action and adopt the best practices from each other. This exchange was planned in two stages. For the first stage, AIA Toastmasters Club members would host the meeting and provide speakers while Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Club members would take up appointment roles. In the second phase, the reverse practice would be done. 

The aforementioned first phase of the joint meeting was held on 14th April, 2016. As per the usual track record, both clubs delivered as expected and it goes without saying that the members went home with a lot of fun, entertainment and education. The meeting, as with any toastmasters segment, comprised Table Topics, Prepared Speeches and Evaluations. However, before I go on to that, the appointment holders for such an important meeting should be mentioned:

Registration: Catherine Chia 
Sergeant-at-Arms: Jason Lim
Toastmaster of the Evening: Joe Wan
Language Evaluator: Joni Seah
Table Topics Master: Naveena Methani
Timer: Saravanaraj Rathinam
Ah Counter: Amirul


The first segment was the Table Topics Segment where Table Topics master Toastmaster Naveena prepared several interesting topics for members to think on their feet. She gave alternate chances to members of Tampines Changkat and AIA and got the crowd into a healthy competition mode. Guests also participated and had a good time.


The interesting and extended Table Topics segment was followed by the Prepared Speech segment where five excellent speakers from AIA moved the crowd with their inspiring stories. Some of the stories were so touching that some of the audience was forced to shed tears. Special mention must be made of Toastmaster of the Evening Joe Wan who kept the crowd alive with his interesting comments about each speaker after he or she had left the stage.

The next segment of the night was the evaluation section where evaluators from Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Club delivered excellent evaluations and helped both the speakers and the audience learn about the several aspects of public speaking.

The final segment was language evaluation by Toastmaster Joni Seah who in a mere ten minutes explained the most interesting usage of the English language followed by how speakers could have refined their usage even further. This is always a very interesting segment that helps speakers refine their skills of spoken English.

At the end of the meeting, both clubs realized that they had much to learn from each other. Tampines Changkat saw how things were differently done at AIA Toastmasters Club what with the Registration counter, different order of proceedings, fantastic organization, digitized presentation and real-time updates on the screen. AIA Toastmasters Club saw the fabulous quality of the participants and was of course inspired by the infectious energy. However, the actual learnings were discussed among some of the members of the Executive Committees of the two clubs after the meeting.

Special mention must be made of Toastmaster Zhuo Shuzhen who is a member of both the clubs and who therefore got the most cheers and claps as she was instrumental in organizing the meeting. 

It was finally time for the results of the night. The Best Speaker ribbon was presented to Toastmaster Alan Lim. The Best Evaluator ribbon went to Toastmaster Hyder Muhammad Taufik and the best Table Topics ribbon went to Toastmaster Arjun Chakrabarti.

Everyone had a fun night. In case you missed it, please feel free to visit the second leg of the meeting which will be held on 2nd June at the Tampines Changkat CC from 7.30 pm.

Monday, 11 April 2016

523rd Chapter Meeting

Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Club celebrated its 523rd Chapter meeting on 7th April, 2016. The meeting, of course, was made even more interesting with a special birthday segment and a performance by Vice President - Membership, Toastmaster Zhuo Shuzhen. However, more on that will be discussed in the later paragraphs.

The appointment holders for the evening were as follows:

Acting President: Shunwei See
Sergeant-at-Arms: Abigail Lee
Toastmaster of the Evening: Tia Maria
Table Topic Master: Arjun Chakrabarti
Ah Counter: Mei Yee
Timer: Law Jia Hong

The meeting began with a good warm-up session by beautiful and eloquent Sergeant-at-Arms Abigail Lee who, along with the introductions, required the guests to choose his or her favourite flavour of ice-cream. She soon handed the mike over to the elegant and equally funny Toastmaster of the Evening, Tia Maria. Toastmaster Tia kept up the energy of the program and kept people engaged throughout the meeting with her charming smile and witty comments.

The next item of the meeting, was the opening speech by Acting President Shunwei See, who was standing in as Club President Gladys Tye could not make it due to her examinations. Toastmaster Shunwei spoke about taking the leap and going for tasks without worrying about it. Although a very inspiring speech that moved the audience to muster the courage to attempt difficult tasks, what the audience most enjoyed was his concluding statement: "You were expecting a queen but tonight you have a king!"

It was now time for the Prepared Speech segment of the meeting. There were four speakers tonight. The order of speeches was as follows:

1. Soon Tong 
2. Mohana Priya
3. Carl Wong
4. Ashish Kundra
5. Vincent Chen

The speeches were fabulous and engaging and comprised various topics ranging from backpacking to minotaurs to procrastination, laziness and even human potential. The audience was thoroughly entertained and uplifted with the quality of the speeches.


After the speeches, it was time for Birthday Celebrations. This special segment was organized by the Vice Presiedent, Membership Toastmaster Zhuo Shuzhen. Along with the cake cutting and regular Happy Birthday song, Toastmaster Shuzhen sang a special song dedicated to the birthday babies who were present that day. The lyrics were contributed by Toastmaster Arjun Chakrabarti. The birthday babies present that day were:

1. Andrew Chen.
2. Ray Oh.
3. Law Jia Hong
4. Amirul

The lyrics of the song are as follows:

We have reached that time once again
When we forget sorrow, worry and pain
And together then we all say
April babies Happy Birthday

He’ll make you laugh till you’re sick
With his humorous table topic
He is smart, handsome and so cool
Our dear little brother Amirul

The next young man in line
Is wonderful and equally fine
His list of achievements is long
Super-human toastmaster Jia Hong

This awesome dude likes to jive
With the fishes during his scuba dive
He dresses smartly every day
Changkat family member Oh Ray

This man we all look up to
All club roles he will happily do
Perfect with tie and with pen
Our Co-opt member Andrew Chen

Now I wanna tell these young folks
We may have said a lot of jokes
But what we really want to say

Is a very Happy Birthday

The break session involved fantastic Fried Rice, Bee Hoon and cake. This was followed by the Evaluation Section. Evaluations are an extremely important section of the meeting because both the speakers and the audience get to benefit from knowledge of the good parts of a speech and from tips on how to improve the speeches. The evaluators of the night were:

1. Vincent Chen
2. Jaric Ng
3. Andrew Chen.
4. Chia Choong Kiat
5. Yee Yuen

The final section of the night was the very interesting Table Topics session. Table Topic Master was Toastmaster Arjun Chakrabarti. He openly declared that he was going to provide easy topics for guests and quite difficult ones for members. He was true to his word and members were challenged with his choice of topics. However, Tampines Changkat members do not back down from challenges and they tackled Toastmaster Arjun's topics with expertise.

After Table Topics, the final section of the night was the distribution of ribbons to the winner. The winners of the night were as follows:

Best Speaker - Vincent Chen
Best Evaluator - Vincent Chen
Best Table Topic Speaker - Lau Kheng Soon

The night was good. People had fun. There was laughter, joy and jokes. However, if you want more, do join us for the next chapter meeting.

Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Club is having a joint meeting with AIA Toastmasters Club in order to share and learn the best practices of the two clubs on 14th April, 2016. DO join us there for more fun, frolic and learning, Feel free to contact Toastmaster Zhuo Shuzhen (90274183) for more information.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

522nd Chapter Meeting

Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Club conducted its 522nd Chapter Meeting on 31st March, 2016. This was a regular chapter meeting and yet, for all members of the club, it was the special day of the week, the energetic Thursday. People turned out in good numbers and there was an excited buzz in the air as this one was a speech marathon and six speakers would be speaking along with a special speech segment. Without further delay, I shall move into the proceedings.

The appointment holders for the night were as follows:

Sergeant-at-Arms - Arjun Chakrabarti
Toastmaster of the Evening - John Lee
Timer - Kelvin Cheng
Ah Counter - Diederik Karssen
General Evaluator - Naveena Methani

The meeting started with SAA Toastmaster Arjun calling the meeting to order and performing an ice-breaking session by asking members to talk about the most recent book that they read. This was followed by the energetic and entertaining Toastmaster John Lee who graced the stage in the capacity of Toastmaster of the evening. The Acting President for the night, Toastmaster Kin Foong then shared the story of how a pushing a cow off the cliff helped a family lose their dependence on the cow and become successful. As usual, Kin Foong mesmerized the audience with his oratory and went on to inspire people to move out of their comfort zones. 

The meeting being a speech marathon, it was now time for the seven speeches. The first one was the special speech segment where Toastmaster Joe Wan spoke about The Successful Club Series and inspired everyone to visit other clubs. This was followed by ice-breaker speeches by Toastmasters Y. Mu Ming, Mervyn Chan and Mei Yee whereby the club got to know the new members in a deeper way. These speeches were followed by speeches by Toastmsters Murali and Subra who did their P3 Speeches from the Competent Communication Manual: Get To The Point. The final Speech of the night was performed by Toastmaster Abigail Lee who did her P4 Speech from the Competent Communication Manual: How To Say It.

The Prepared Speeches segment was followed by the induction of new members whereby Vice President Membership, Toastmaster Jaric Ng inducted the new members into the club withe the oath of Toastmasters International which was followed by their mentors presenting then with induction pins.

The last section before the break was the first advertisement of the training by Toastmasters Coen Tan and Ng Kin Foong titled "Push The Cow Off The Cliff". Within minutes, the limited twenty-seater workshop was eighty percent full showing the reputation of Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Club trainers.

Break-time consisted of fantastic Fried Rice and Bee Hoon as well as  a special Thai Green Cury Chicken dish from Club Secretary Vincent's father Mr. Lawrence Chen. Mr. Lawrence is a beloved friend of the club who often mesmerizes us members with his fantastic culinary skills.

The evaluations of the night were excellent. The star evaluators, Toastmasters Zhuo Shuzhen, Jaric Ng (delivering his maiden evaluation), Andrew Chen, Tia Maria, Shaun Li and Vidhi Sarkar did fabulous jobs as evaluators. They encouraged the speakers and pointed out where they could improve further.

The final segment of the night was General Evaluation by Toastmaster Naveena Methani and in a span of eight and a half  minutes, she mentioned how the club had fared well and how the club could become ever better.

The segments of the meeting over, it was now time for results. First, the three toastmasters who had delivered their maiden speech were presented with Ice-Breaker Ribbons by Acting President Kin Foong. The winner of the Best Speaker Award was Toastmaster Abigail Lee and the winner of the Best Evaluator Award was Toastmaster Vidhi Sarkar.

The meeting was now officially concluded but that was not all. As you all know, we members of Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Club never end so early. We moved on to the coffee shop for a further session of Water Chestnut, Chicken Rice, Beer and Table Topics. 

The next meeting of the club is on 7th April, 2016. Keep Watching this space for more news, views and stories of Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Club.