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Monday, 25 January 2016

23rd Club Anniversary Celebrations

Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Club just turned 23 on 14th January, 2016. The club members joined together to celebrate this amazing auspicious and awesome event in an awe-inspiring evening full of fun, frolic, celebrations (and lots and lots of alcohol) on 23rd January, 2016. The celebration took place in the Function Room of Changi Rise Condominium, a quiet place by the swimming pool which was ideal for the theme of the party: Hawaii heaven!

The event started with a speech by our very own and beloved "Majesty" Toastmaster Chong Cheng Lee who, along with her "worse half" Toastmaster Michael Wee have been with the club since its inception. She told the members about the journey of Changkat, the various struggles and successes over the years and the constant Never-Say-Die attitude of its members.

The next item, introduced by our master of ceremonies, Toastmaster Joe Wan, was the speech by Club President Gladys Tye. She said a lot of things but sadly none of it consisted of her three month experience in the heaven of Hawaii. Club President Gladys also presented the Most Improved Toastmaster Award to Toastmaster Law Jia Hong.

The next segment was the Hawaiian Hula Girl dance by our beloved and Vice President Membership Toastmaster Zhuo Shuzen. Everyone was so  mesmerized by her beauty and her talent that she had to go for an encore performance.

All good things are followed by dinner and free-flow of drinks- or so the members of Tampines Changkat like to believe. A sumptuous dinner segment was followed by four games organized by Vice President Public Relations Toastmaster Arjun Chakrabarti and Club Secretary Toastmaster Vincent Chen. The four games were: Hoop Passing, Hawaiian Whisper, Limbo Rock and Hawaiian Beauty Queen (by far the most interesting one where men dressed as Hawaiian beauties). However, we toastmasters like to keep the English Language limited to our speeches. We shall let the pictures speak for themselves.

As an ending to the post, the author would like to give all credit to Organizing Chair Toastmaster Naveena Methani, Co-organizing Chair Toastmaster Nur Aziza and Toastmaster Murali for fantastic organization of a super party!

Oh did I mention the after party at the house of Toastmasters Arjun Chakrabarti? and Ashish Kundra? Oh well, you cannot know it all. To know more come to our club and to our parties!

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Club Officers Training - II

The Executive Committee Members of Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Club attended the Division S Club Officers Training - II on 16th January, 2016. The training in itself was fantastic with topics such as Evaluations, Speechcraft and DCP Points that were covered by experienced toastmasters. However, what was especially special for Tampines Changkat members was that the club received awards for having achieved ten DCP points. The tam went forward to collect the ribbons and were awarded with huge cheers because of the new hoodies that had been printed by the club. The icing on the cake for the club members was the two of its members had decided to help out the division with their own contributions: Toastmaster Law Jia Hong helped out with technical matters by letting the division use his computer and Toastmaster Joe Wan helped out as the master of ceremonies.

Club officer training is an excellent platform for the officers of the club to learn about taking their club to the next level of excellence. Members of Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Club are always willing to learn and it is no surprise that most of them attended the meeting. The day was filled with education, food and most importantly a lot of fun!

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Badminton Bonhomie

The month of November is indeed special. The end of the year approaches and people start taking their I-want-to-be-fit-by-the-end-of-this-year promises seriously. This is the month when parks and gymnasiums start witnessing an increase in attendance. It was therefore obvious that we at Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Club would think of a monthly bonding event that involved lots of exercise, energy-loss and sweat. Hence, the idea of November Badminton!

The event was organised by Vice-President Membership Toastmaster Jaric Ng. Being a badminton enthusiast, he grouped people in teams and got people up to speed on the latest rules in the badminton world. In order to captivate peoples interest further, he appointed the most dedicated member of the club, Vice-President Membership Toastmaster Zhuo Shuzen as referee.

The games were fabulous. People had fun and a lot of bonding. Some members like Toastmasters Coen and Jaric turned out to be really serious badminton players while Toastmasters Nui and June turned out to be hidden prodigies. Some other Toastmasters like Arjun, Vidhi and Kin ended up joking and having too much fun in court. The results, of course, had to be announced and the clear winners were Toastmasters Coen Tan and June Tan. The runners-up were Toastmasters Jaric Ng and Nui Thantong Bangon. The second runners-up were Toastmasters Nur Aziza and Sai Leong.

All in all it was a good morning of sweat and exercise. This was followed by lunch comprising Penang Laksa, Mongolian Pork Knuckles and a host of other dishes in Aljunaid. The afternoon was spent sleeping and resting but that was not the end of the day for our members because people decided to wrap the evening up with a late show of the Chinese film Our Times followed by late dessert.

Ladies and gentlemen, as you know by now, Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Club likes to have as much fun as learning. Do drop in to our club on first and third Thursdays of the month if you want to experience the fun firsthand. In addition, keep watching this space for more news of our club activities.

Thursday, 26 November 2015


Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Club knows how to have fun! Does this statement seem familiar? Of course it does. It is because we proudly repeat it every time we live up to the statement. This Halloween meeting, we decided to party hard, scare everyone and do what we do best: SPEAK, LISTEN and LEAD!

The Thursday meeting in October that was dedicated to Halloween had a lot of special events. Apart from marvelous speeches by toastmasters such as Siju, Naveena and Priya among others, we got to see beautiful women and handsome men turn dreadfully scary, or in the case of Toastmaster Jaric, clearly more attractive. In addition, we had an interesting game segment as well as the Birthday celebration.


What started out as an evening with great food and continued into a speech-filled revelry and culminated into a photo-session. Enjoy our photos, dear reader and relive the moments in case you were fortunate to attend. Otherwise, just enjoy and remember to attend our next meeting!

Toastmasters is a club where we bond, have fun and learn. Themed meetings like Halloween help us understand the reason behind the celebration and the philosophy behind the make-up. In our pursuit of having fun, we leave as more knowledgeable people and more tolerant human beings. In spite of the terror being spread all across the world, this night, meant to make us look frightening, what with all the make-up, helped us become that much more tolerant towards others by exposing us people who come from different nations, worship different Gods and eat different food. While we present speeches at toastmasters, we make sure never to hurt the sentiments of other people. The speaker is an entertainer and the prime responsibility of the entertainer is never to hurt the audience. Oratory is power and with great power comes great responsibility!