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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

2015-2016 End Term Celebration!

How amazing has the past 12 months been?! They say that time flies when you're having fun and the past term has truly passed by in the blink of an eye! What better way to end off the term with a bang! The Tampines-Changkat way of course. :D

We had our end-term celebration at Aloha Loyang Resort last Saturday in order to gather our huge Tampines-Changkat family in a single location for a final hoorah before installation night. 
And what a night of fantastic Thai food, superb company and of course, an abundance of snacks!

A big thank you to all who came with food! 
Homemade jellies prepared by Naveena, cupcakes from Mu Ming, and a red velvet cake for our June babies as well as our end term celebration which was sponsored by Vincent!

We really want to express our heartfelt thanks to the organizing chair, Shuzhen for planning and executing the event flawlessly as well as all those who helped out in the facilitation of games; Vincent, Yee Yuen, Mei Yee, Abigail and Diederik. 

Thank you all our Changkat members for being so enthusiastic about these games albeit getting all sweaty and sticky out in the backyard.

We also uncovered some hidden talents in the art of acting and singing of some of our members.
Be sure to catch the action here: https://youtu.be/Y1JhVtfrf6g

I am so glad that our members put aside time despite their busy schedules on a Saturday night just to celebrate with our family! 

See you all at installation night! 

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

528th Chapter Meeting: 16th June, 2016

It was the final chapter meeting of the month for Tampines-Changkat Toastmasters Club. It too was the final meeting for the 2015/2016 exco term. We had a very interesting line-up of speakers and appointment holders for the night!

Sergeant-at-Arms: Mohanapriya
Toastmaster of the Evening: Kapil Pareek
Timer: Amirul Syaffiq
Ah Counter: Ashish Kundra
Table-Topic master: Yong Mu Ming

The meeting started with the bang of the gavel by SAA Mohanapriya who got everyone in and ready on time before paving the way for a smooth transition to the hilariously funny TME Kapil Pareek. The moment Kapil came on stage and he tickled everyone’s funny bones. His introductions were humour-packed and the audience were laughing all the way into the night.

Joe Wan, the stand-in president of the meeting, gave a very deep and thought-provoking opening address. As we near the halfway point of the year, we often think we should start preparing for what is to come in 2017. ‘HOLD YOUR HORSES!’ Joe bellowed, ‘Don’t count your chickens before they hatch!’ And it’s true, there is six more precious months where make amends for the time wasted in the first half of the year, so make them count!

Tia Maria then came up and we were swooned by her gracefully crafted educational speech titled ‘What’s Up with Meeting Roles?’ She explained the roles of each appointment holder in a Toastmasters meeting, which was very apt as she is the incoming VPE for the next term. She also enlightened us about the benefits of each role and what’s in it for us if we took it up.

The highly-anticipated prepared speech segment came immediately after that. Diederik gave us a spontaneous cock-up moment that cracked us up; Andrew taught us how to negotiate better in business and relationships, particularly useful for married men ;) Naveena brought us to tears with her touching personal story once again. Overall, all speeches were of finest quality and everyone were on the edge of their seats.

We then inducted our new member Ho Yee Yuen and welcomed him into our Tampines-Changkat family.

During the second half of the meeting, we were all in for a treat because the line-up of the project evaluators was equally superb. The final and favourite session of the night was the table topics session conducted by our creative Table Topics Master Yong Mu Ming.

We then ushered in the General Evaluator Jaric Ng to help bring the club meeting experience to another level with his useful tips garnered from his numerous visits to various toastmasters clubs in Singapore.

As we draw the curtains to a close, it was time for the results:

Best speaker: Naveena Methani

Best evaluator: John Lee

Best table topics: Ho Yee Yuen
Our next meeting will be the Installation Night happening on 30th June 2016 where we will be welcoming the incoming Executive Committee for the next term. So be sure to be there for another fun and awesome night!

It’s been good. It’s been real. Stay tuned!

Written by Jaric Ng

Sunday, 5 June 2016

AIA and Tampines-Changkat Joint Chapter Meeting Edition II: 2 June, 2016

When you ask the common man on the street “what does 1 + 1 equate to?”, most will reply 2. However, all those who were at AIA and Tampines-Changkat joint chapter meeting last night will tell you that the answer isn’t 2, but an integer that is more than 2!

No, it isn’t because we are terrible at math (half the people in the room are Financial Services Consultants, mind you!) but we all knew what SYNERGY is, and boy was there STUPENDOUS SYNERGY when these 2 powerful clubs came together at the humble premises of Tampines-Changkat Community Center, home ground of Tampines-Changkat Toastmaster Club.

Just to recap, about 2 months ago, a joint meeting between these two giants was held at AIA premises. 

The idea of an exchange meeting was adopted from the exchange programs the best universities in the world has. The objectives of such programs is enable students and teachers to glean outstanding practices from the other university. 

The result? 
World-class standard and top-notch universities. 

AIA Toastmasters Club and Tampines-Changkat Toastmaster Club, although already two very powerful clubs, were humble and willing to take a step back to see how the other club ran their meetings so that they could share and adopt the best practices from one another and thus, elevate their own standard of practice.

During edition 1 of this joint venture, AIA Toastmasters Club members hosted the meeting and provided speakers while Tampines-Changkat Toastmasters Club members took up appointment roles.

In last night’s second episode, the reverse was done. Tampines-Changkat Toastmasters Club members hosted the meeting and provided speakers while AIA Toastmasters Club members took up appointment roles.

However, before I go into detail about how splendid last night’s meeting was, the appointment holders for such an important meeting should be mentioned:

Sergeant-at-Arms: Joe Wan
Toastmasters of the Evening: Abigail Lee and Linda Lee
Table Topics Master: Margrette Lo
Timer: Ngoh Seh Suan
Ah Counter: Alan Woo

At 7:25pm, the room was filled to the brim! The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as everyone awaited for the meeting to begin. 7:30pm sharp, the sound of the gavel silenced the crowd as the Sergeant-at-Arms to call the meeting to order.

We had a mother-daughter duo who were our Toastmasters of the Evening! 2 love-Lee ladies; Linda Lee from AIA Toastmasters Club Abigail Lee and Tampines-Changkat Toastmasters Club who gave the meeting an interesting twist!

A thought-provoking opening address was giving by our beautiful Madam President, Gladys Tye, who convinced us that inner beauty is so much more important than external beauty.

The next segment was the Prepared Speeches segment. 5 amazing speakers took stage and captivated us with their inspirational, insightful and invigorating speeches! 

Project 1 - The Ice Breaker
Ho Yee Yuen, CC

Project 8 - Get Comfortable with Visual Aids
Hyder Taufik

Advanced Project 3 - The Roast (Special Occasion Speeches Manual)
Arjun Chakrabarti, ACB, ALB
Advanced Project 3 - Make Them Laugh (Humorously Speaking Manual)
John Lee, CC, CL

Advanced Project 1 - Mastering the Toast (Special Occasion Speeches Manual)
Kapil Pareek, CC

What an array of projects! From an Ice Breaker speech, to Visual Aids, followed by some humor from the Humorous speech, and it ended off with a Roast and a Toast.

At Tampines-Changkat Toastmaster Club, members are family and thus birthday celebrations are of utmost importance! Vice-President of Membership, Zhuo Shuzhen led in the birthday celebrations of the June babies! Cakes were cut, candles blown and songs were sung.

On top of that, the exco presented Arjun Chakrabarti, our beloved Vice President of Public Relations with a token of appreciation. Arjun has been such an amazing member and contributor in our club, however, he will be leaving us very soon in pursue of his future studies in the States! We will miss you very dearly Arjun!

It was such an emotional segment especially when Shu Zhen dedicated a song of her own to our beloved VPPR.

After a short break, we invited the amazing evaluators from AIA to evaluate each of our speakers during the Prepared Speeches Evaluation segment. What insightful evaluations were they!

Our evaluators for the night were:
Project 1 (Ho Yee Yuen) - Anson Cheng, CC
Project 8 (Hyder Tuafik) - Gayathri Subash, CC
Advanced Project 3 (Arjun Chakrabarti) -  Oh Cheng Kok, ACB, ALB
Advanced Project 3 (John Lee) - Alan Woo, CC, CL
Advanced Project 1 (Kapil Pareek) - Zhuo Shuzhen, ACS, ALS

 Top-notch evaluators from AIA! I can say, with much confidence, that EVERYONE took away something from the evaluations that will help bring their own speeches to the next level.

Finally, everyone’s favourite segment of the night; Table Topics! Table Topics Master, Margrette Lo, did such a fantastic job and prepared such an interesting Disney-themed topic that was to be delivered in the form of a eulogy! There was not one dry eye in the meeting while each speaker was giving his eulogy…. Because we were all laughing so hard that tears came to our eyes! What a hilarious twist each speaker had for their topic!

Finally, it was time to announce the results and present the ribbons to our winners.

Best Speakers (tie)- Toastmaster Hyder Taufik and Toastmaster Arjun Chakrabarti

Best Evaluator:  Toastmaster Oh Cheng Kok

Table Topics: Toastmaster Ng Kin Foong

Also, other awards such as the Triple Crown award as well as the PQD Speech Challenge award were given out to members to have done us proud and achieved various milestones in their Toastmasters Journey.

As in the first exchange, there was much to be learned from both clubs and it was a real eye-opener for all members as well as guests during this special joint meeting.

 Special mention must be made of Toastmaster Zhuo Shuzhen who is a member of both the clubs and who therefore got the most cheers and claps as she was instrumental in organizing the meeting. 

It was indeed an eventful night filled with much fun and fellowship as well as many lessons to be learned.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Tampines-Changkat goes to Bangkok! (12 May - 16 May 2016)

Tampines-Changkat TMC is a club where members are viewed upon as family. Each year, in efforts to strengthen the bond between members, apart from the usual chapter meetings as well as family outings, a club retreat is also planned to bring members beyond the shores of Singapore!

In order to make the retreat more meaningful, it is usually planned in conjunction with a toastmasters event overseas. Last year, our family headed over to Palawan, Philippines, where they attended the annual conference of Philippines while enjoying the beautiful beaches and babes.

This year, we headed off to bustling Bangkok, the land of a thousand smiles! And a thousand smiles did we receive! Not only did we attend the spectacular annual conference of District 97P which consisted of 5 countries (Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam), but also attended the chapter meetings of one of Bangkok’s more vibrant clubs; Siam Toastmasters club!

It was indeed a wonderful time of bonding, learning as well as exploring in the city of Bangkok.

Be sure to check out our video as well! 

Three cheers for Siam Toastmasters club who were so warm and welcoming to us!

Opening ceremony of the Annual Conference in Bangkok "Excel through GREATNESS."

Amazing Conference!

Games at the Gala dinner.

Having fun at the Gala dinner!

And of course, bonding time! 

Karaoke ~

In TCTMC, we also teach you how to levitate. 

Till next year! <3